Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Open Source Paintball Board (OSPB)

Sorry for the time between updates, but you ever get caught up in doing things that you cant take the time to document them?!?! :-)

So here are the updates.. I did some additional testing and the electronics work fine so I'm pushing forward. What does that mean you may ask?

Well, I'm going to try to get everything to fit on a circuit board, and get it 95% into the gun frame and perhaps take it out shooting and do some real testing (2k shots) and get a idea on the real world battery life..

Biggest challenges so far?
SPACE! Like everything paintball, I was optimistic about the space required and things are getting tight.. I might in the end have to make a decision on features (9v possibly, or USB programming) to make it all fit, but I'm working hard to see if I can get all the features in there.

Firestarter 9000 - Homeowners insurance not included!

What am I doing right now?

Well, I ordered a new Hot Air Rework Station since my soldering iron (Model - Firestarter 9000 in case you want to buy it from me) just wasn't cutting it. You should have heard my wife when I told her that I needed a soldering station otherwise her sewing machine wouldn't get fixed. Quickest buy Ive ever made!!! :-D

And I'm also working with a program called "Eagle". Its a circuit design program that I hope will allow me to design the board without so much hit and miss trial work.. It will take longer up front but I hope it will pay off in the end with a product I can test in the real world quicker. If I can get the schematic correct (did I mention Ive never done schematic design?) I should be able to print my own prototype PCB's..

Anyways, thanks for all the comments, and keep the suggestions/concerns coming!


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