Monday, February 13, 2012

Open Source Paintball Board (OSPB) - Stress test

Well, after making a successful board with new components I was able to do some stress testing to see if the new MOSFETS I chose would hold up to repeated use.. The first test was to hook up the parts NewRaceOwner sent me to a old cocker I had sitting around.

Now I remember why people don't shoot mech cockers anymore.. They are a PAIN to get setup if nothing has been done before.. On this one I had to set it up from scratch and wow what a pain!

Anyways, after hooking it up to my SCUBA tank I shot it for a few minutes without any electronic failures.. I did however run out of air before my auto stop of 2000 shots was met.. SCUBA must have been low since I have been testing with it for a week or so without filling!

Rough Stats
CPS - 7 shots per second
Runtime - 5min 53 seconds
Shot Count - 2471
Electronic failures - 0

Well, at this point I'm trying to decide if I need to order a professional circuit board so I can get the sizign down better, or do more testing before I commit to a board design..... Choices choices!

I will probably hold off and try and get the CPS down lower (Timing) and do another stress test but with the gun doing something like 15CPS..  Then once I have that done, I will go for a professionally fabbed board so that I can start sizing components.

Check out this vid if you want to see some of the before testing video..