Monday, February 13, 2012

Open Source Paintball Board (OSPB) - Stress test

Well, after making a successful board with new components I was able to do some stress testing to see if the new MOSFETS I chose would hold up to repeated use.. The first test was to hook up the parts NewRaceOwner sent me to a old cocker I had sitting around.

Now I remember why people don't shoot mech cockers anymore.. They are a PAIN to get setup if nothing has been done before.. On this one I had to set it up from scratch and wow what a pain!

Anyways, after hooking it up to my SCUBA tank I shot it for a few minutes without any electronic failures.. I did however run out of air before my auto stop of 2000 shots was met.. SCUBA must have been low since I have been testing with it for a week or so without filling!

Rough Stats
CPS - 7 shots per second
Runtime - 5min 53 seconds
Shot Count - 2471
Electronic failures - 0

Well, at this point I'm trying to decide if I need to order a professional circuit board so I can get the sizign down better, or do more testing before I commit to a board design..... Choices choices!

I will probably hold off and try and get the CPS down lower (Timing) and do another stress test but with the gun doing something like 15CPS..  Then once I have that done, I will go for a professionally fabbed board so that I can start sizing components.

Check out this vid if you want to see some of the before testing video..


  1. Hey man, how is the project going? Will you post the schematics?

  2. question
    i kind of want to use the ramps part
    but i kind of need it standalone (i want to put it on my attiny board)
    can you give me a seperated script with only the ramping (or tips how to sepperate it out of your script)