Sunday, October 2, 2011

Open Source Paintball Board (OSPB)

Cost of the open source paintball board...

I have been asked a time or two about the cost of the OSPB, so I thought I would do a running total of the cost. The below would be if YOU MADE YOUR OWN. If it was ever sold commercially the costs would be totally different because someone else would be doing all the work/assembly/testing!

I will try to update this post to reflect costs as they arise, but so far thats what they appear to be!

This also assumes you have the tools to assemble (so far a drill, soldering iron, laser printer)

Arduino Nano - 25.00$

2 Sided Copper Clad PCB - 4.19$ (Your gonna have alot left over!)

PCB Etchant - 10.49$ (Your gonna have alot left over!)

NPN Transistors - 0.72ea x2 = 1.44$

Voltage Regulator - 2.80$

2 Pole Connectors - 1.35ea x4 = 5.40$

4 Pole Connectors - 1.81$

6 Pole Connectors - 1.85$

TOTAL = 52.98$

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  1. Its been a while since you updated, so I'm not sure if this is venture has been abandoned but, do you happen to have the schematics to your PCBs?